Innovative Tech Tuesday: Waterly

Chris is a 20-year veteran of water and wastewater and turned in his corporate “engineer’s card” for a full-time entrepreneurial position as the founder and CEO of a software company (Waterly) that was created directly from the wishes of water/wastewater operators. Operators wanted an app for their tablets or phones that allowed them to do rounds and treatment math in the field without having to use spreadsheets. They wanted something simple that was affordable and didn’t require a manual. So Waterly was created just for water and wastewater operators to simplify data collection and reporting for water and wastewater utilities of all sizes. Waterly is priced according to average daily flow, making it affordable for the smallest and largest of utilities. New to Texas, but certainly not to water, Waterly looks to “make a splash” in the great state of Texas and is looking for hand-raisers that are open to using the cloud and want to operate more efficiently and save time by avoiding the spreadsheet madness.

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