Workforce Development Award Nomination

The Workforce Development Award shall be presented to an individual who has demonstrated concerted and meaningful contributions to water workforce development in Texas.

WEAT recognizes that workforce development including attracting, training, and retaining a skilled workforce is one of the most pressing issues facing the sector today. The WEAT Workforce Development Awards recognizes those making a meaningful and impactful difference in workforce resilience and enhancement through programs aimed at developing, training, and retaining talented water sector workers.

General Criteria:
  1. The nominee must be a current member of WEAT and/or WEF.
  2. The nominee must have contributed to the challenges of workforce development in Texas in a demonstrative way.
  3. The nominee must have served on at least one WEAT state or section or ad-hoc committee.
  4. The nomination must include at least two letters of recommendation.
  5. The nomination must include a short biography of the nominee(s).
  6. A cover letter summary of how the nominee(s) meet the criteria and why the nominee should receive the award is required.
2 delivery options: Provide in paragraph form above or attach file below.

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